14/100 gifs of oh sehun: krystal told sehun to go to exo’s side for the final bow

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Chankaisoo watching the sunset together

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(x) Pyo loses his fav monkey slipper ;__;

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Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.
—Bang Yong Guk, B.A.P (via quotesareamazing)

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About Suho’s black no limits credit card

The Benefits
•The card is made from titanium, the only titanium credit card on the market (i’m not sure if I would consider this is a •benefit)
Personal dedicated concierge service and travel agent along with free flight companion tickets.
•Personal shoppers at retailers like Gucci, Escada.
•Access to airport clubs and free first class flight upgrades.
•Hotel benefits like one free stay at every Mandarin Oriental Hotel / year.
•Platinum status for popular US airline point systems.

The Fees
•$5000 one time initiation fee + $2,500/yr ($7500 fee in your first year!)
•$1500 / year for additional cards (..and I thought $50 for an extra card was expensive)

Do you qualify?
•Minimum annual spending of $250,000
•Exceptional credit history
•I assume exceptional income as well.


Sweet mother of money

where can the fans sign up to marry this guy?

i read the ANNUAL $250,000 as WEEKLY spending and i nearly shat out my heart. but jesus christ that is still a fuck ton of money how do you spend that much?????

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because you are loved, little prince.

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I think… Sehun really does like Luhan.
—Suho (EXO)

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Polar bear cub climbing his mother [x]

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this fandom



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